Girl Education:

Dream Educational Society empowers communities to facilitate girls’ education in rural India and help them take a stand against gender inequality.

Working directly with government schools, parents and village leaders, and with the help of over a large number of community volunteers, we have helped ensure over numerous enrollment and higher attendance for girls as well as enhanced learning outcomes for all children.

Dream Educational Society was with the aim of providing primary education to underprivileged girl children in India.

The society with a strong belief that educated women would not only contribute to the economy but also issues of population and social evils like the dowry system and child marriage would drastically reduce as more women will be educated.

Studies conducted in developing countries have shown that this is true. Today, even the World Bank has acknowledged that there is no investment more effective for achieving the millennium development goals than educating girls. “According to the World Bank, some of the benefits associated with girls’ education include reduction of child and maternal mortality, improvement of child nutrition and health, lower fertility rates and improvement in economic production”.

Apart from the objective of impacting the nation’s development through education of the girl child,We also want  to   encourage Indians to ’give back’ in a focused manner. Hence Project Dream Education was designed as a sponsorship support program which allows individuals to participate and support the education of a girl child in India.