Poor Girl Wedding:

As humanity is the creation of God, the same as the God also created the tradition we know by the name of Sacred Relationship. But, as we know that in our society marriages are meant to be a very sacred thing and each religious faith has nuptial traditions and practices — including standard wedding vows — that have been passed down through generations. As we all know that in Indian the traditions wedding ceremonies are elaborated and complex, similarly the money and marriage goods are also necessary and are required in the arrangement of bonding two souls. Dream Educational Society does this noble cause with the trustees, members and volunteers of orphan and poor girls marriage trust with their selfless spirit, they believes to help our embattled society by this cunning work to support the poor girls marriage.

In contrast to orphan and poor girls marriage, if some capable people of our society come forward for some help for that sacred work, so that our trust for orphan and poor girls marriage will get the success in the objectives we hold as orphan and poor girls marriage trust, Dream Educational Society.

Every girl holds a dream in her eyes of education. As we know, today many girls cannot marry in our society due to the cause of dowry and other social requirement in wedding, for solving that social problem our orphan and poor girls marriage trust regularly works on those types of projects. We collect all the information of Bride and Groom and their family details regarding their background, family business and other important aspects are gathered before settling of the marriage.